Freight wehicle repair, sales, new and used parts

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Freight vehicle repair

Truck unit, lorry, semi-trailer, trailer, autotransporter, dump truck and timber truck repair is one of the most important activity areas of UAB Dservis.

UAB „Dservis“ provides the following services of freight vehicle repair:

  • technical support;
  • repair of electronic parts, light adjustment, repair of vehicle warmers;
  • computer diagnostics;
  • chassis inspection and repair;
  • wheel mounting, balancing, repair;
  • isothermal body and tent body repair, tent repair;
  • vehicle and trailer ABS and EBS system renovation;
  • break system inspection and repair;
  • wheel alignment determination by JOSAM laser system;
  • filling of conditioners;
  • black metal and aluminium welding works;
  • metal grinding works;
  • gearbox repair;
  • freight vehicle renovation after auto-accidents;
  • repair of autotransporters of all models: KAESSBOHRER, LOHR, SILVER CAR, ROLFO, GROENEVOLD, etc.;
  • repair of autotransporters of all models' hydraulic systems.