Freight wehicle repair, sales, new and used parts

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Freight vehicle parts

  • We can offer parts of freight vehicles – lorries, truck units, autotransporters – new or used, original or non-original, to each client according to his needs.
  • We sell production of CONTITECH, WABCO, KNORR-BRENSE, FEBI, WEWELER, VIBRACOUSTIC, SABO, PAGID, TEXTAR, ROCKINGER, SACHS, JOST, HENGST, HELLA, RINGFEDER and other most prominent manufacturers in the world. When choosing the supplier for the parts, we take into consideration the proportion of quality and price.
  • Most vehicle parts are available on the spot and are kept in our warehouse: it is a very important condition for the speed of the works of vehicle repair. We have in store most parts that are needed for heavy vehicles of all brands and models or we deliver them no later than in 24 hours at prices favourable to You.
  • We sell spare parts for autotransporters by manufacturers like KAESSBOHRER, LOHR, SILVER, CAR, ROLFO, GROENEVOLD and other.
  • We sell SHELL lubricants and oil as well as other exploitation supplies for automobiles, ADBLUE urea solution.