Freight wehicle repair, sales, new and used parts

Tel. +370 640 23231 Repair service for freight vehicles I - VII, 8 AM - 21 PM

About Us

UAB Dservis is a freight vehicle repair (Auto Service) company. We specialize in all kinds of freight vehicles: truck units, autotransporter trailers, and lorries. Our qualified specialists have many years of experience in all areas relevant to carriers. Freight transportation, repair of autotransporters, supply of parts, and sales of heavy vehicles: these are the areas that our foremost specialists have worked in for over 10 years.

We have personally encountered and dealt with various possible problems experienced by carriers, therefore, we will always provide the best and the fastest solutions to problems at favourable conditions and prices.

  • We have one of the most common and essential problem of truck parts solved: we have freight vehicle parts of all brands and models already in our warehouse or deliver them in less than 24 hours.
  • The prices of the vehicle parts that we supply are favourable for the clients, as well as flexible and competitive.
  • If required, we can arrive to the site and provide a roadside service.
  • UAB Dservis freight vehicle repair (Auto Service) specialists have worked in Lithuania and abroad, they also improved their qualifications in various foreign countries. Due to wide-ranging experience of our specialists, diagnostic and repair equipment, as well as freight vehicle parts that we have on the spot, we can provide effective and high-quality repair of machinery at prices that are favourable for the client.
  • Since 2011 we sell used machinery: lorries, autotransporter trailers, truck units, semi-trailers, and trailers.

For the convenience of our clients – which are mainly logistic companies – to avoid losses related to the downtime of truck units, autotransporter trailers or lorries, our company operates every day from 8 AM to 21 PM, without rest-days.